Mind Games and Misery.- My observation on how and why depression conquered people after ” Thirteen Reasons Why”

Ever saved someone from committing suicide? Or healed anyone? Or just listened to someone’s emotional turmoil and comforted them? Well, we all have been on the either sides. We all want to live a life of a superhero, deep down, yes we want to. But helping others emotionally is not something we do just for that, but because we have faced those situations, and we know how badly we needed a superhero at that time of our lives to save our soul from surviving the attack of those monsters like depression, anxiety, loneliness and what not?

I completed “ thirteen reasons why “ a couple of days back, and even have heard many of my friends that, after watching it, they felt depressed. And then after doing some research about the season, stats that state quite a good number of people around the world fell into depression after watching it, and thus this fact made me curious to find the answers why it happened, since it was just another tv series.

I watched it to find my answers why “ thirteen reasons why “ has been landing people into depression. What I got  from my experiences is that, we all have lived the lives of being a victim or have been the one who bullied even without being aware of it. Maybe we get back to days, start to feel those days back again at the moment, through flashbacks. Being a victim, is the worst thing someone has ever faced. To remember all those monstrous laughs scrounging over you, those faces who bullied us for their temporary, fading happiness, showing they are powerful. Those days are really hard. For me, they were real hard.

But, now referring the other side of the coin, we all have bullied or made fun of someone and hurt them and landed them into misery. Yes we all have done this, there is no denial. It lands the guilt inside us and that rocket launches off with no timer or codes and reach higher and higher just to make us feel miserable about it. We want to change it but we can’t. That is past, which is engraved on the rock of our life.

Now let’s make you all feel a bit nostalgic. Most of us humans have faced this situation when we were really young. Remember those childhood nights? When we used to watch a scary tv series and run towards our beds when lights got switched off and late nights were too scary to lie on our beds and it was real difficult to not think about the ghosts, might be in the dark, watching us? Or underneath our beds.

Those memories haunt us. Don’t they?

Similiarly, here we’ve watched yet another spooky series, a series of adult horror, depression and reality what society is suffering, what we all have suffered, to be precise. This whole scenario is still the same. What we faced during those nights and now. Just that the sources have been replaced.

Back then ghosts weren’t present but we created, our fear created it or whatever reasons.

Same is anxiety, insecurity, guilt creating this situation you are in, right now.

Cause trust me, if you can run on the path of thinking, so much, you can control your ride too.

Run in the direction of convincing yourself.

Convincing that everything is alright and that whatever horrid has happened, is a history now. Just read it as history, engraved on the rock of life. And we don’t mourn about everything in history, then why now? Sometimes, it’s better to just get acknowledged, than feel everything.

You played a pivotal role in the situation, Or say life demanded you to face or see it.

Trust me, focus on living. Darkness, Depression is like a run, on a loop. There is no end. And if you dive within the spiral of those thoughts, they will entrap you. Just watch it from afar, but be well acquainted with that place. Root cause of depression is to think about it. 

Let it go. It’s the hardest, most difficult thing to do. But that’s how a superhero lives his life. Strong and selfless. You’re a superhero in yourself. Maybe that’s how we can make this place where we live a happy place again, for real. And us, not just someone who is well trained to pretend to be happy.