The Puzzle Of Colors

Have you ever thought, you want a better life? A life someone else is living?

Obviously. We all have. Cause grass is greener on the other side. Remember?

We see people, in our day to day lives, who are more richer than us, popular than us, beautiful than us, or in any way, better than us.

We wish their company. We wish to be like them. In order to fit in with them we lose our own individuality. We merge our colours with them. You’re a white hearted, yet you join those dark hearted people because you think, apparently they live a better life.

You cut yourself, just to fit right inside that puzzle. But are you really the one completing it?

You’re a total different person, trying to cover yourself in disguise, because you think that’s what you apparently want. But, do you? In real?

You start turning grey. Eventually you realise you’ve been pushed to do things, you were never meant to be doing. You’re losing every inch of yourself. You feel everything falling apart. You listen to those noises, trying you hunt you down, and choke you.

And there comes a day, when you leave. Leave the company of those dark souls and return to the light, where you belonged. But turns out, you don’t fit in, not even there.

Cause you’re no more white. You’ve been turned grey. You’re now both good and bad. You’re a balance between heaven and hell. And you start to feel all alone. You try to put each of those parts together and not give up. And then one day, you find someone who is as grey as you, as damaged as you are, as vulnerable as you are. They hold your hand, and lead to an eternity of peace.

You find yourself alive again. For being different, was never bad. Being different doesn’t mean there’s no one like you out there.

It’s just a matter of time, as it’s chariot moves, so does our wounds.