The Chord Of Remembrance


The clock struck 2:00. The dusk was getting darker and darker. There was an icy silence, where the sounds of those breaths and sighs, haunting him, were heard.

Feet touching the cold floor, hands crossed over, he was staring at the wall.

The random memories of the past, one after another, crying out, yelling towards his oblivious self. When it turned deafening, he stood up. His legs trembled while sweat flowed down and dropped on the ground. His bare feet move forwards hesitatingly, towards his love, his angel, his guitar. He picked it up, put his arms around it.

As his fingers moved on it, to tune the instrument, the chaos started getting louder. The ghosts of past screamed as if to tear him apart.

As he struck the chords, and the sound came out, which silenced them apparently. The sound of the guitar shadowed the noises while he landed into a world of his own.

He was thrown into the sky, flying through the dark nights and bright mornings, across the seas of happiness and melancholy. At once, his eyes struck down. He felt he saw himself, so he turned back. He went there, his feet trembled as he got near.
It was him, it was her indescribably beautiful smile. It was a beautiful day. His eyes got teary and his soul shivered cause, it’s all the moments he had lived, it were those rainbows, on which they had danced. They were happy and running along the breeze holding hands.

He chased them only to see them vanish when the clouds of uncertainty started filling the sky.

As he flew, it was all mushy, his eyes blurred with the smoke of sadness. His eyes flooded, dropping those tears as it hovered on the ground. The more he searched for them more anxious he became. The disarray in him grew stronger, crept over his tree of sanity.

He heard a name, so familiar, dragging all those waves of memories along. He looked around. She was sobbing, dull. He found himself embracing her and trying to eat her pain up. He was trying hard to bring that curve on her lips, which would set everything right.

He saw the love in her whimpering eyes, and his warm and tight grip.

He watched from above and smiled.

Oh, how beautiful were those days, he said to himself and sighed.

He closed his eyes, felt like he’s being hugged by all those memories, his breathe fastened giving the eeriness a sparkle of light.

His eyes when opened, he found them gone. He hunted them again but here they were standing right in front of him. She was being swept away in the storm of insecurities and misunderstandings.

He stood there, in denial, bearing the pain of his soul being ripped apart.

He hears himself, whispering, stammering, “No, it’s not… ” You don’t love me, you crave my flesh” She exclaimed.

With that the soul broke, with it’s pieces scattering themselves all around, while his blood came out through tears.

He stretched his hands, to make her stay. But, alas! All that was just an illusion and he couldn’t do anything but watch. He was dragged back to the reality as the tune ended. There was dreadful silence. All those demons who yelled had found solace.

Yet, he was devastated. His heart was succumbed by those iron clinkers, trying to crush it. There was a heavy weight, which pulled his each nerve, one by one, splitting it.

With unbearable grief and noxious tears, he put down, his guitar. 

One drop, fell on the ground, got lost in the vacuum of his toxic thoughts.