His Divinity, His Love

His Divinity, His Love
Poem by Sameer Khan


One step into the brightness, into the peace.
One step towards tranquillity, towards content.
My foot took me on a voyage, with just one step ahead,
It was to his holiness, to his abode I went.

All the dark ravens surrounding abandoned me,
While a white pigeon flew around.
Sat on my shoulder, rubbed its feathers,
Affection it showed, all my insecurities drowned.

Never had I tasted, a love, so pure,
A feeling of peace, the calm sweet lore.
The wind held my hand, led me towards his embrace,
For, he was waiting to shower on me, his grace.

He’s the lord, the almighty, the ultimate one,
The one to make me free from all bounds down.
The one to heal my crushed soul,
The one to resuscitate my stopped breath.
The one to arouse my every nerve with a
Rush, to high from breakdown.