This is a series of poems, outpouring each
and every inch of my emotions, towards, her.



This is a series of poems, outpouring each and every inch of my emotions, towards, her.

This is my first ever series on a particular topic as i have always chosen different topic to write on and this is my effort in series and i would like to dedicate it to my muse

” HER “

*Her #1

*Her #2

*Her #3

*Her #4

*Her #5


Her #1


In her eyes,
All her chaos,
All her fears.
They cluster together.
Form a ball,
Full of negativity.
Filled with rotten memories,
Evansced moments,
Devastated emotions.
She was the source,
Of dark energy,
Emerging out of the ball.
The power, so strong,
Spreads out,
Beaming out of her eyes.

There came him,
Tried hard,
to wipe away the murk,
with a fabric of optimism,
From his fingers,
Filled with love.

Insecurity deemed high,
She thought he’d leave,
Broken she was,
Refused to believe or to heal.
Never did she know,
that he had a pile of fabrics,
To wipe it all off,
till she aerates her last.
His hands might get tired,
But his love wouldn’t.
His love will serve the source
For his might and strength.
For love can defeat
Any evil, any fervor.

Her #2



On a mountain,
ice cold,
Is where she resides.
The breeze where,
carried the souls, dead.
Her feet dipped deep,
in the ice of misery.
Hard she walked,
Survived strong,
Against freezing tides.

Ruled was her heart,
By the mountain of past,
He oppressed all her bliss,
Showed high her flaws,
Failures she went through
Scratched by his claws.
He made her feel pathetic,
Down with despair,
This was the trap,
He set to rule her, forever.

All she could see,
Was dense, opaque fog.
Scared she was,
To put a step beyond,
Never knew she,
What may be found.
She hid within her,
A rainbow, bright.
Imprisoned it was,
Under her past, tight.

One day a wander arrived,
Lit a lantern, of life around.
It refracted all
Her colours,
seven of them, profound.
She turned alive,
blessed with glee.
As if a rose,
Blooming in the battleground.

He glared the lantern,
Over her past, her miseries.
All of them faded,
With a glance,
Of his eyes, brown.

The ice had melted,
A garden, unveiled.
The butterflies,
the birds flew,
Unicorns dancing,
Happiness, exhaled.
The fog vanished,
She jumped on those fields.
At last he had taught her,
What living is.

Her #3

A tribe of mortals,
Living in fear,
Worshipped depression,
Cause of thoughts, unclear.

There lived her,
Amidst the people full of misery.
She thought that was the life,
Never heard of recovery.

She was questioned,
By her mind, intrigued
Thousands of questions,
She didn’t have answers to, indeed.

Like shots, were they fired,
One, two, three and four
All of them were still same
Why does everything subtle, affect her to the core.

She decided to explore,
For, answers she wished to know.
She climbed up the mountain,
Covered up with ashes and snow.

On her voyage, she discovered
The mountain was nothing,
But herself and her depression,
She always stood up, battling.

The mountain,
strong, rocky and full of thorns.
She climbed, determined.
To explore her sorrow, her scorns.

Ready she was, bold
To face this eternal war.
Hurt her hands, her knees.
Scratched and covered with scar.

Lost her breath, often
But she climbed, dedicated.
Fear churning amidst her stomach,
She felt, abdicated.

She could lose her life,
If she lost her grip.
She could land back into the forest
Of miseries and weep.

Finally, it occured.
She reached up the hill.
She saw her depression, in front
For, unbroken was her will.

She watched,
as every mountain around,
turned into a sculpture
of her memories, she found.

Memories which made her sleepless,
Reckless and spell bound.
Felt helpless and lost,
Attacked by a hound.

Wherever could her eyes reach
she could see a particular memory
which haunted her soul,
Strong was depression’s armoury.

The memories which,
her voice wasn’t ever able to speak of,
To anyone, as it was heavy,
With the weight of guilt, thereof.

At once, she heard a thunder,
She could hear a noise of destruction.
She saw large waves of tsunami,
Rushing towards her, without obstruction.

It was the water of sadness ,
Destroying everything on it’s way,
It’s so huge and higher than the hills
Turning everything it touched, grey.

The gush made her uncertain,
Either she’s going to survive, or she won’t.
She sat there relaxed, lighted a cigarette,
Hearing her tears and destruction, reboant.

Her #4


She was an ocean,
calm, soothing and serene.
Her wishes stretched beyond,
To a land afar, unseen.

There was no end to her beauty.
Her hair waved in the breeze.
Just like the dance of the waves,
The ocean fails to seize.

Her emotions were like fishes,
Roamed inside her, fearless and free
Their pace was set swift,
Beneath it, she hid, a bulk of debris.

The ocean was filled
By a river of positive vibes.
Optimism ran through her veins,
Fed all the emotions, settled as tribes.

The river met the ocean,
The union was blissful, alive.
For, from her glittered happiness,
The whole world could be taught to survive.

There was a kingdom, vast
Amidst her palm, divine.
Which lighted up, and gleamed,
Due to her heart, which beamed sunshine.

She was the ruler,
Intense, and conjuring.
Oh, but the kingdom, for sure,
Missed the presence of a King.

There entered a wanderer
Stood gazing at the shore.
Was blinded with the immense light,
And deafened by the wavy roar.

She stretched her hand to him,
For, her touch could kill all his murk
She wanted to love all his fear,
All her power, was put to work.

The wanderer, a warrior himself,
Feared his destiny, for, it betrayed.
Her hands of love stretched ahead
He put his hand over her hand, afraid.

And thus, did it happen
Their hands clutched together.
His fear, her love
together formed a forever.

And their hands formed a bond,
Inside the hearts, unbreakable.
The wanderer had found his home,
and the empire found it’s emperor, unshakable


Her #5


A tree, withered, forgotten
Stood up erect, high over a hill
Everything around it was dynamic,
But he, kept everything hidden, stood still.

Birds never noticed him,
For, he was wrecked, with no leaf.
Teardrops flew across the bark,
Yet the breeze dried away the grief.

Somewhere afar, flourished a forest, prosperous.
Where lived a flock of birds, who flew to expanse.
A tiny seed of love, stuck to one such bird’s claws,
While it dropped beside the tree, by chance.

It sprouted, to spread the leaves, tender and green.
Luscious it grew, over days and starry nights.
Alas, it was climber, needing support to it’s twigs,
While the tree provided the strength and helped it through fights.

Day over day, it grew all over the tree,
She bloomed flowers, of colours of infinity.
The tree appeared affluent, peaceful and happy,
Suppressing underneath him, all the chaos and calamity.

She was serene, grew in delight, pouring out love.
Soothing the tree, his branches and roots
The tree watched as the bone twirled around him,
An anecdote of tender care and music of the flutes.

It was for the climber that birds began to visit,
Chirped their day off, while the fruits they devoured.
Fireflies glowed at night, and the land turned into heaven,
It became an empire of love, nothing ever overpowered.

What People Are Saying

“Speechless but it’s important to identify the correct emotion that’s why – प्रियाला सिंह राठौर 

“This is true essence of poetry effectively portrayed. The reader is made to indulge himself and dip himself into into poem’s conjuring beauty. Beautiful and apt usage and placement of words. A wonderful journey all in all. – Aasma Varada

“Inspiring and soulful…So deep and raw Loved it so much…. -Shankli Vatsa

” This is my first ever series on a particular topic as i have always chosen different topic to write on. This is my first effort in series and I would like to dedicate it to my muse. ” – Sameer Khan, Author- ‘Eerie Edges’

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