To Feel Is To Live

If noticed properly, we’re living in a place, where emotional emergency has been put up.  Nobody want to feel anything deeply. Cause they think they’ve felt it all. All of it, inside out. They have just stopped to feel. I don’t understand, how did this happen. We have a heart, we have a brain, we have a subconscious mind, we have thousands of entangled thoughts. That does mean, there are a billions of feelings, yet to be felt. Every feeling is unique, in it’s own way. Happiness is just one of it. Sadness is another. Love on the other hand, consists of each one of them. Yet is a separate entity in it’s own. 

What exactly happened? I don’t know. But my observation leads to me saying, people think they’ve had everything. They’ve fought everything. They’ve survived every good and bad situation. 

And when someone comes to them, with their own set of problems, they fail to empathize. They feel what they’ve been through is the worst. They end up comparing themselves to others. Maybe you think the intensity of pain you’ve been through is much more than them. 

But, think of it! It’s a completely different person than you. It’s their journey as well.

Maybe what they are feeling is worse to them. People have stopped understanding these days. Cause they don’t want to. 

It’s like two different houses. You can’t put the interior of one house on other and expect it to look good. 


The point of all of this is, try to feel. 

Allow yourself to feel. To love, to live. 

Empathize to others, for the only thing they might be needing is a ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. 

Maybe that’s who we are meant to be. 

Maybe that’s what humanity is.